5 Modern Kitchen Design Must-Haves

Whether you want to improve traffic flow or create additional gathering spaces, JDP Designs can eliminate walls, install cohesive flooring, and relocate windows, doors and electrical or plumbing systems based on your specific needs.

However, here are 5 considerations for kitchen design makeovers that our clients most commonly see as must-haves.

1. Improved Lighting

Kitchen Remodel from JDP Designs

No matter how appealing the look of your kitchen, it can’t make up for poor lighting where you need it most. Modern LED lighting fixtures make advanced lighting options accessible for every budget and purpose. 

We recommend using 3 tiers of lighting if manageable: 

  • Ambient lighting (recessed cans)
  • Task lighting (under-cabinet)
  • Decorative lighting (pendants, sconces)

In addition, dimmers allow you to customize your kitchen lighting even more.

2. Refined Storage

Storage space is something that all kitchen users battle with at one time or another. That’s why it’s important to establish a designated place for every item and stick to it. This will mean more organization and less stress. Deep drawers, roll-out shelves and spice and utensil organizers will keep your kitchen custom-organized and accessible.

3. Picking a Statement

Choose a focal point for your kitchen, such as a unique backsplash going all the way to the ceiling, a striking color for your island, a floating hood or an eye-catching light fixture. Whatever your choice, make it your own to use as inspiration for the overall design.

4. Hiding Trash

Waste will happen, but everybody doesn’t have to know about it. Put your trash can next to the sink and opposite your dishwasher, and it should also pull out for convenience.

5. Scaling Appliances to Fit Your Home

Reference the size and scale of your home when determining your appliance package. Appliances that are right for a 2-bedroom bungalow will not be the same as for a custom 5-bedroom home.

If you’re ready to take the first big step toward creating the kitchen of your dreams, come visit JDP Designs at 80 Orville Drive, Suite 116, in Bohemia or feel free to call us at 631-256-6355.