Bathroom Remodel Ideas for the New Year

The New Year is here! It’s time for a fresh start. If you are planning a bathroom remodel for 2020, here are some ideas.

First, consider a neutral color scheme for your bathroom. In 2020, neutral colors are all the rage. If you pick colors like gray, beige, white, and black, you can’t go wrong. Even though vivid and bold colors are fun, they can go out of style. If you plan on selling your home one day, buyers might be put off by a colorful bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel from JDP Designs

When picking neutral colors, opt for brighter shades. Bright colors make a room feel bigger. White is an excellent option for a bathroom. White can make your bathroom space feel fresh, soothing, and clean. If you decide you want a white bathroom, make sure to add texture to break up the space. Pick different textures when selecting flooring and countertops for a cohesive and interesting design.

If you decide you want tile flooring in your bathroom, consider matte tile. Matte tile is trending for 2020. Matte is eye-catching, but it’s also easy to care for. Matte tiles don’t show water stains, helping you to maintain the fresh appearance of your space.

When picking countertops and tiles, keep it simple. When picking fixtures, you can go all out. Unique fixtures can make a space feel all your own. You can install brass fixtures for a luxurious feel, or silver fixtures for something timeless.

The vanity space of your bathroom is important, especially if this is where you get ready every morning. Spoil yourself with a large mirror and countertop space. Doing so can make your morning routine easier. This can also improve the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

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