Beautify Your Home in 15 Minutes!

Let’s face it; we all love our home to be bright, warm, and inviting (unless you are a vampire hermit). But the fact is, between work, recreational activities, exercising, cooking and shopping, and tending to the kids (if there are any of those little ones running around); the fact is that we just don’t have time to play interior designer.

But it might surprise you to know that in today’s world of hacks for everything, there are actually several really quick and equally simple tricks to make your home a little more beautiful with minimal time and effort invested. So your friends here at JDP Designs thought that we would take up just a moment of your busy day to show you a few ways of doing just that.

Kitchen Remodel from JDP Designs

Brighten Up Your Light Fixtures

We often overlook these pieces as simply “functional” but the truth is when they are cleaned and shined up, they can add a shimmer of sparkle to any room.

Put Up a Picture

A quick nail in the right spot and you can hang a lovely piece of art that you picked up a resale shop. No one will even know (unless you tell them).

Make a Statement With Your House Number

For not a lot of money, you can buy one of many different stylish numbers to post on the outside of your home.

Hang Curtains

Something that complements your existing décor can not only enhance the visual appeal but also allow you to control the amount of natural lighting.

Store and Stylize 

In today’s world of convenience and style pairings, storage spaces no longer need to be hidden away. They can be out in the open and made to appear like part of the interior style.

To discover more quick and easy ways to brighten up your home’s décor, stop by and visit the design experts at JDP Designs.  We can be found at 80 Orville Drive, Suite 116, in Bohemia. And you are always free to give one of our helpful associates a call by dialing 631-256-6355.