Beautify Your Home in 15 Minutes!

Let’s face it; we all love our home to be bright, warm, and inviting (unless you are a vampire hermit). But the fact is, between work, recreational activities, exercising, cooking and shopping, and tending to the kids (if there are any of those little ones running around); the fact is that we just don’t have time to play interior designer.

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The Best Countertops for a Modern Style Kitchen

When it comes to getting the perfect design or renovation for your home improvement project, so often times the visual accessories and various finishes are the most crucial aspect of creating the overall look and desired feel. One particularly apt example would be kitchen countertops and what kind would look best in your individual space.

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7 Tips for a Smooth Remodel Project

Tackling that renovation or remodeling task that you have been thinking about is rarely a fun and easy experience. Headaches can arise from all sorts of things that you never even imagined. That’s why we decided to put together a quick 7-point guide to help ease the burden and frustration that comes with home redesign:

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3 Reasons It Might Be Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Just in case someone reading this may not already know, the kitchen might just be the most important room in a house as far as socializing, spending time with those whom you most care about, and making memories are concerned. Think about your own favorite childhood memories. Aren’t they almost always around a dinner table surrounded by family? Perhaps during the holidays or while celebrating a significant milestone for a relative or close family friend? 

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Think About These Three Things When Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most important parts of your kitchen. It is also one of the most used parts of your kitchen. Whether you’re washing your hands, doing dishes, or preparing food, you want a kitchen sink that can meet your needs. For three things to think about when choosing your kitchen sink, just keep reading.

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What is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

Traditional thinking in home design sequesters the kitchen into a compartment by itself, relegating it to a mysterious service area that occasionally produces food for consumption elsewhere. This design model dominated thinking for decades, perhaps even centuries, but attitudes have begun to loosen in recent years. Open-concept kitchen design liberates the kitchen from its confines and places it on equal footing with the rest of the house.

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