Bring the Old into the New with a Farmhouse Kitchen!

Homeowners may be nostalgic for a farmhouse look, and getting a farmhouse style kitchen is a great way to bring the old into the new. Here are five steps to get a farmhouse kitchen you will enjoy for years.

Eclectic is the word — Home and garden shows have made a return to farmhouse style popular, and one way to create that look is to mix up a variety of items that aren’t similar. Old farmhouses stored everything in the event they were needed, so recreate that look by hanging up old kitchen utensils, pots, and also use open shelving instead of closed cupboards to showcase your kitchen. Freestanding cabinets or storage along with existing kitchen cabinets give an older feel.

Use neutral colors and natural woods — Older kitchens didn’t use painted cabinets, but rather rustic wood and natural colors. Use that wood look for your farmhouse kitchen, then add a splash of color here and there to brighten it up.

Mix up textures and materials — It is okay to mix the old and new, and one way to get that farmhouse look is to mix up the materials and textures in your kitchen. Wrought iron, shiplap, cast iron, and other materials will create that old feel while you can still use modern appliances for convenience.

Add the right details — Finish the look with lace curtains, millwork, old signs, or other elements to create the look of an older kitchen. There are no rules, just create the look you want with elements which suit your tastes.

Rustic vintage will create the look — Head out to yard sales or local antique stores for pieces which will complete the look of your farmhouse kitchen. Get the family heirlooms out of storage and show them off in your kitchen. Each farmhouse kitchen is unique because it expresses the soul of its owner, so add what feels good to your kitchen.

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