Check Out These 3 Cabinet Door Styles for Your Kitchen

The beauty of your home is related to the type of furniture available in your home just the same way the cabinet door styles add some zing to your kitchen. Let us look at some of the cabinet door styles that can be installed in your kitchen by the JDP Designs crew.

The Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinet Design in Bohemia

This is a simple cabinet door style that suits any type of kitchen design; it has the advantage of bringing out the beauty of a kitchen design because of its less complicated features. This cabinet door style is more traditional than modern but its simplicity stands the test of time; simply put, this type does not fade off with trend or vogue.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet

This type of cabinet door styles are made of flat wood placed horizontally to give the cabinet its adorned feature; each wood is specifically stacked with spaces between them so as to make room for air in the cabinet. 

They are mostly suitable for extremely hot kitchens, for example, large kitchens used for commercial food, or if the kitchen in your home is situated near high-end machines which emits heat (such as washing machines or mechanical grinders). The louvered kitchen cabinet will keep its content cool because of its ventilated space; if your kitchen is hot for the most part, this cabinet door style is simply for you.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

You may have this thought “Oh I want my kitchen to look expensive or have this old-fashioned look with estimable value!” Well, distressed cabinet door styles will give you that desired attribute you seek for. 

The distressed kitchen cabinet door style can be achieved by blunting out the sharp edges on the cabinet top, adding some stain or color pigmentation to give the cabinet a luster design, or putting up some shiny kitchen hardware to give the kitchen an old-fashioned look you so desire.

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