Check Out These Quick Fixes for a Guest-Friendly Bathroom

Summer is the perfect time of the year for travel, and that is still true in the midst of a global pandemic. You may only be having your closest relatives in to see you, but someone will be using your guest bath. How can you make your bathroom guest friendly when you’re having people over? We have some suggestions. 

Bathroom Remodel from JDP Designs

Assess Your Bathroom

Go into your guest bathroom now and do a quick check. Is your bathroom guest friendly? Do you have everything you need in there for your guests? Does your bathroom look amazing, or is it old, cramped or dingy? You want your guest bath to be a place your guests can relax and feel at home in. 

Ideas for Your Guest Bath

If your guest bath is lacking in comfort and warmth, here are a few suggestions. First, if your bathroom looks dingy or dirty, it may be your tub or shower. Converting a bathtub into a shower, or a shower area into a bathtub is one of the easiest remodeling projects. You can quickly take your bathroom from ho-hum to oh my gosh with this simple fix. You might also want to think about having a new shower enclosure done or getting a new tub. Remodelers can do a refit of a bath or shower quickly to make that area of your bathroom more appealing.  Also, you may want to try a new paint job or cabinet painting for your bathroom to give it a fresh look. There’s no end of small fixes you can do to make your bathroom spectacular. Why not get started today, and get your bathroom set for your next set of guests to arrive?

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