Check Out These Tile Design Ideas for Your Remodel

Making sure that you get exactly what you want when undertaking a remodeling project is usually the top priority for most homeowners. All the planning and saving means very little even you aren’t ultimately satisfied with the finished product. So with that in mind, your local interior experts here at JDP Designs wanted to take just a few moments to share with you a few of the great options that you have in the way of tiling patterns for your improvement project:


These highly versatile pieces come in a number of materials. Porcelain, stone, wood, metal, and even glass are all available to make your remodel stand out with elegance and style.

Brick or Running Bond

Although these may come in rectangular or square tiles, they are usually done with brick. The horizontal patterns create the appearance of width while the vertical designs present height.


This is a classical look that can function either as an accent or a primary. It is able to add flair or backsplash in any room it is installed in.

One-Third Offset

This pattern is becoming very popular and with the rise of the wood-look porcelain in the last few years it has really taken off.

Basket Weave

Although this style is most often used in outdoor areas such as porches and patios, it is also becoming popular indoors with stone mosaics.

Straight or Grid

This adds a very contemporary and stylish appeal to your kitchen or bathroom design and is also very efficient and cost-effective to install.

To find out what type of tile would look best in your home, just stop and see the friendly décor and style experts here at JDP Designs. Simply give us a call at 631-256-6355 and we will be glad to help you further!