Increase Your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Remodel

As any prior homeowner can tell you, extending the value of your home gets to be a serious business when it comes time to sell. Countless homeowners are left wishing they had done more to increase the value of their home while they had the opportunity.

Bathroom Remodeling

However, knowing what steps to take to increase value can be tricky. One popular method is to remodel the bathroom, which is a great way to catch the eye of buyers willing to pay a little extra for a good layout. Bathrooms are a natural draw to buyers, being one of the few spaces that everyone is guaranteed to make use of on a regular basis. A clean, modern bathroom can seem luxurious with only a few small tweaks and can really make a home ‘pop’ for potential buyers.

The most popular components in bathrooms have changed over time, evolving from the whirlpool tubs of several years ago to the walk-in showers and floor-to-ceiling steam showers of today. Separating shower from tub allows potential buyers to have a choice and that is more valuable than anything. Remodeling to keep up with current trends can give a bathroom a fresh feel and can ensure that the home you are trying to sell looks more modern and less like a dinosaur. Even basic remodeling, such as swapping out countertops, sinks, and floors, can go a long way to making a bathroom more appealing to potential buyers.

Knowing what renovations will get you the most bang for your buck is key, so consider the following when making a decision:

 -Consult your realtor to determine what features are most popular in your market today. Knowing what sells is the first step.

  -Neutral colors and clean shapes never grow old and buyers can always picture themselves in a classic bathroom. Try to avoid getting fanciful

  -There is a certain delight to neat features. Something like under-floor heating or a rain-shower head can create excitement in buyers that sways them in your favor.

  -Lighting is key in a bathroom as it is a necessary part of getting ‘put together’ every morning. Providing ample lighting that isn’t harsh is a worthwhile investment and its a great way for buyers to ‘picture’ themselves in the space you are trying to sell.

Another thing to consider is the addition of a bathroom, especially if your home only has one. Homes are frequently defined in terms of rooms and baths, so increasing the number of bathrooms can literally move your home into a new league of value and competition. If you go this route, follow the tips above to make the new space pop with exciting features and watch your home value soar.

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