Should You Renovate or Remodel Your Kitchen?

If you have an outdated kitchen, you have the option to either renovate or remodel. Depending on your needs, one option may be more ideal for you than the other. To learn if you should renovate or remodel your kitchen, just continue reading.

Bathroom Remodel from JDP Designs

Some people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. The kitchen is the room where families cook meals together, where guests are entertained, and where meals are shared. If your kitchen feels cramped, old, or insufficient, a renovation or remodel may be in your future.

To renovate something is to restore it. Older kitchens that have a functional layout, but may have out of date appliances and cabinets, can be renovated. This allows you to update a space, without removing it’s classic charm. Renovations are ideal for older homes or spaces that have gone through wear and tear.

On the other hand, to remodel something is to change the structure or form of it. A kitchen remodel is the ideal choice for someone who wants to start over from scratch. Maybe you dislike the current layout of your kitchen, or perhaps you want to make room for additional appliances or an island. Remodeling is the perfect pick for someone who wants a completely personalized and customized kitchen designed specifically for themselves and their family. A remodel can consist of rearranged cabinets, new flooring, the additional of an island or table, and so on.

Whether you’re considering a kitchen renovation or remodel, JDP Designs can help. Our team specializes in kitchens and bathrooms, so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to your kitchen project. To get in touch with JDP Designs, give us a call at 631-256-6355 today!