Think About These Five Things Before Your Bathroom Remodel

JDP Designs believes your home should be a peaceful haven that reflects your personal style and taste, and that is why we specialize in designing and remodeling residential kitchens and bathrooms. If “self-care” has become a part of your routine, then you might be considering a bathroom remodel to create the spa escape of your dreams. While a bathroom remodel is an exciting project, there are a lot of things to consider before taking it on. If you need some help getting started, read on for some tips:

Tile and Style

One of the biggest ways to change your bathroom is by changing the tile. From the floors to the shower walls, new tiles and backsplashes can add new color and style in a comprehensive way. JDP Designs can assist in all steps of tile replacement while keeping your style guidelines in mind.


Bathroom Remodel from JDP Designs in Bohemia

Towels and toiletries can really be bulky, and there is always a need for more bathroom storage space. Consider new cabinets in your bathroom remodel plan and get the clutter organized. JDP Designs can install bathroom cabinets to maximize your storage space with the best design expertise.

Tub and Shower 

A new tub or shower can do wonders for a bathroom remodel and really transform it into a true spa escape. We have a number of high-end bathroom fixtures that will give your tub and shower an elevated, contemporary style. JDP Designs can safely remove and replace your old tub and shower, so you will not have to worry about that task.

Counter Space

We spend more time in front of the bathroom mirror than we even realize, and having an updated counter space can be the finishing touch your bathroom remodel needs. JDP Designs can replace your countertops and mirrors with the latest and greatest in quality and style, using materials like beautiful quartz and granite.


If your bathroom remodel plans call for a more drastic change, then we can complete bigger construction plans, too. For example, if the layout of your bathroom needs to be redesigned, we can reconfigure walls to design a more accommodating space.

JDP Designs serves all of Long Island and the Tri-state area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a bathroom remodel, please contact us at: or 631-256-6355.

We look forward to creating the bathroom of your dreams!