What is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

Traditional thinking in home design sequesters the kitchen into a compartment by itself, relegating it to a mysterious service area that occasionally produces food for consumption elsewhere. This design model dominated thinking for decades, perhaps even centuries, but attitudes have begun to loosen in recent years. Open-concept kitchen design liberates the kitchen from its confines and places it on equal footing with the rest of the house.

Open-Concept Kitchen from JPD Designs

It helps to define what we mean by “open-concept”. This design removes the traditional barriers surrounding the kitchen, combining it with spaces such as the dining room and living room, to create a ‘great room’. This arrangement has the benefit of making the area appear larger and eliminates the clutter generated from winding hallways and walls.

Additionally, this open layout allows for greater flexibility in furniture placement and traffic management. Large gatherings can be accommodated with greater ease by simply rearranging elements within the home instead of trying to navigate around static parts of the structure.

The preparation of food and the experience of dining together have been at the core of human interaction since the earliest days of humanity. Uniting these processes into a single space allows your home design to take the most fundamental aspects of human nature and weave them together with modern aesthetics and designs to produce a space that is pleasing and comfortable to everyone that sets foot in it. 

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