Would a Small Kitchen Look Good with Black Cabinets?

The trends and rules of interior design are always changing. If you’re remodeling or redesigning your kitchen space, you have a lot of potential changes to make. If you have a smaller space and are thinking about painting your cabinets black, read on to learn if your kitchen would look good with this paint job.

Black Cabinets in Kitchen
Photo by Chris Bradley Photography

Black cabinets can make a kitchen appear more modern, sophisticated, trendy, and stylish. A traditional rule for interior design was to only use dark paint colors in large spaces, because these colors can make a small space look even smaller. While this rule is still true in some circumstances, it isn’t true in all spaces. One way to get around the dark paint interior design rule is by painting your cabinets a dark color and leaving the walls lighter. Also, to help a small space feel bigger and brighter, consider adding sources of natural light, such as windows or skylights.

If you plan to paint your cabinets a dark color, add contrast with bright countertops, backsplash, flooring, or an island. This contrast will help your space feel warmer and cozier, while also adding unique styling elements. Another way to make your dark cabinets feel bright is by adding glass door inserts. Glass door cabinets have an open feel, no matter the color they are painted.

If you have dark cabinets, consider some open shelving options to balance out the dark cabinets. You can remove some of the cabinets in your kitchen and replace these cabinets with shelves to reduce the amount of dark color, without reducing your storage space. Open shelving in kitchens is also one of the latest interior design trends.

Black cabinets in your small kitchen can look luxurious and sophisticated, without making it feel cramped or dark. For further help remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, reach out to JDP Designs. For further details about our services, give us a call at 631-256-6355 today!

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